Another change is going to happen in Indian cricket. The chapter of Sourav Ganguly, the president of the most powerful cricket board in the cricket world, has come to an end. From a popular cricketer to the big achievements of the Indian cricket board, Sourav's departure is going on in India. Sourav sat on the Indian Cricket Board President's seat, then the cricketer-administrators handled the world's top position chair with a firm hand, while sleeping in the Supreme Court on extending the time for the Board President's post, but this time the Supreme Court got the green signal. He moved away from that path, and then the question started to arise as to why he backed down despite getting the opportunity. Sourav Ganguly's withdrawal from the post of board president has now taken the form of a political debate. The decision is purely administrative however Sourav

He did not open his mouth for a couple of days as to why he did not stand for the election of the board president, but this time he spoke in public about this issue. Sourav came to an event of a bank in India yesterday. At that event, he answered the questions of the journalists very coldly. He asked why he did not stand for the election again. Everyone has to decide their journey to their destination through some small steps.One cannot become Mukesh Ambani,Sachin Tendulkar or Narendra Modi in one day.I also started from zero as a cricket captain and cricket administrator. It was the best time in life and then I served as a cricket administrator for a few years but just as you can't spend your whole life as a player, you can't spend your whole life as an administrator. The biggest responsibility of handling Indian cricket

Even though there is a challenge and pressure to move forward to the most popular side of the world like IPL, there is no need to worry too much from here to there. The big plan to get out of the narrow is now only to be implemented by Roger Binny because the media sales of IPL have reached another height.