Banned incident again after cricket West Indies batsman caught in Test and banned from cricket for four years After entering international cricket in 2009, only three years into the head, West Indies embarked on a scandalous chapter like a ban for Bangladeshi cricket lovers. In the second innings of the first test of the Caribbean series, he was squeezed and left the field with an unbeaten 58 runs. Even in the second test, Campbell could not be stopped. He left the field with a target of 45213 runs in the first innings in Bangladesh. According to the report, Kant Pal was banned for four years for violating the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission's national policy. First the blood to give

Apargata said that the report said that the panel calculated that he had violated the property topping rule, he had violated Article 2.3 of the National Constitution, the answers he gave in his support were not satisfactory, we did not find any evidence, he could be said to be innocent in this situation and he was banned for four years. His ban began on May 10, 2018. The cricketer has performed for the West Indies in all three formats, but in ODIs and T20s, he founded the Caribbean team in Tests. Before the 29-year-old Campbell in the team, he was banned for a doping scandal. Bangladesh pacer Shahidul Islam was banned from cricket for ten months for taking banned drugs. Also Zubair Hamza was banned and sentenced to nine months in Aqeedah