Indian cricketer Virat Kohli's bat at the hands of a 22-yard-tall challenger for a sophisticated opponent was all right in his cricketing career till 2019, but don't let Virat's dreams come true. He left the captaincy reluctantly and even left the Bangalore captaincy in the IPL. At the same time, the fall of Virat's captaincy chapter has set the tone in Indian cricket. The poster said that the star exploded all his name in another game outside of cricket, Virat, but this time the market of that huge advertisement, the name Ross, according to the Indian media data, made Virat out of the advertisement in 2020. Er

As the rules begin to reopen, Virat's push for a further increase in brand value comes as he stands out from the ad market in 2021. Thirteen 71 crore from 2020, which is being cited as one of the reasons behind the decline of 432 crore advertisements. Tests as the red ball to the most Indian team in ODIs after Twenty20 captaincy and whether he leaves the captaincy of Bangalore this year, he is losing confidence in the company. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat have read in the advertising market that Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat have played well in the IPL but not in the Indian national team but only in the IPL. It has earned Rs 461 crore from advertisements in 2020 and earned Rs 189 crore at the rate of Rs 21 crore In

That figure is 442 crores

The idea is that if Virat puts in form again, his demand will increase in the advertising market