India has a giant to rule world cricket. Pakistan has a cricketer. At present, the best batsman in the world is Babar Azam. Australia is far away from EnglandIn fact, Liton Das showed one world-class batting exhibition after another to millions of people in Bangladesh.

Now, the people of Bangladesh will say that now we have a Liton Pakistan who spread terror in the opponent's camp by holding his hand. 27 yearsBabu has taken himself to be the best batsman of the time. It is foolish to compare the two in QatarHow far back has Babu played seven Tests since 2021? He has batted 62. A century Virat Kohli's off-formatting 30.7 In two centuries, batting a little aside in ODI cricket Bangladesh's Liton has played in 63 matches. Liton has played in 9 matches. He has batted in 54 matches. He has scored two centuriesIn fact, your answer comes from his performance in the second Test against Sri Lanka when Satbaria was the first batsman in the second inningsIn run cricket, the highest run-scoring pair of Bangladesh has to make a mistake or people learn to succeed. Education is a format made in Bangladesh

The youngest team in Bangladesh Tests where India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, England or South Africa started the Tests before the birth of Bangladesh, may be red in front of the red cricket team in 2000He says the Tigers will rise to the top tier, but before that you need a little confidence