Where there is fear of ghosts, you can match this Bengali proverb in the evening. The T20 status of the Bangladesh team is changing one by one. The opposition is strong and the fear of eviction is still lingering. The ghost of T20 is losing one after another. Now in the decisive third match of the T20 series on Zimbabwean soil, the Zimbabwean opening pair registered 29 runs from a clean record to get Bangladesh off to a flying start, but the Bangladeshi bowlers ran out of money before they could hit the single-digit mark. Next game is four overs. Started with 1 wicket

Whereas Narayan Pal has set the record for highest runs scored by a batsman in one over in T20I with five hits of 61 and 34 runs in one over. Yuvraj Singh and Linekar are at the top of the list with six sixes in six balls. As a result of the organization's tornado innings of 54 runs, Zimbabwe were forced to set a target of 80 runs for 157 runs in the last five overs. Bangladesh's batting department is now in old colors. Liton Kumar Das bowled 12 balls after a great start. Bangladesh's batting order has collapsed, Afif Hossain could not gain confidence from others despite playing an unbeaten innings of 39 runs off 27 balls. Bangladesh had to lose the series against Zimbabwe yesterday. Before 2021, Bangladesh had to come back from such a shame with two wins in the three-match series, but this time the question of the series is in the ghostly T20 format. at night

But this is not the first time that Bangladesh has lost a series. In 2016, Zimbabwe came to Bangladesh and lost the series against the hosts. T20 Bangladesh is the smallest country in this format, or finishing Bangladesh in big T20 has become an easy task, the question will change or BCB.