Thousands of spectators at the gallery rejoice Bangladesh Bangladesh Logan faces the whole field for Bangladesh and Afghanistan is not only a big annoyance from the Corona epidemic and whose return is to dance in the t20 mood of Bangladesh from Lytton to look like a balanced Bangladesh. Cricket fans are waiting for a new start in the inaugural match, but he could not wear the badge of hard-hitting, but not everything can be judged on the scales of pub people anymore.

Fans-fans have got that too or how many times in a few years the red-green supporters have returned to Munim for 17 off 18 balls. Lytton, who was on fire in the first ODI against Afghanistan, hit his 17th match in the first T20 and lamented a long one-year regret. He made his first half-century off 44 balls, scoring 7 off 44 balls in classical style 2644 among the admitted supporters.

After Liton's innings in pain, Afghanistan batting at the target of 156 could not have imagined that Nasim's attack on the field was going to burn for a few moments. They turned Nasim's ball in the first five overs of the power play and took 4 wickets in the first three overs. Couldn't it be that the magic of the hand does not enchant the world record to be named in the list of the best bowlers in the power play in the International Twenty20 Power Play? Why or why not? He took two wickets and in that he made Wardrobe Century All-rounder Mohammad Nabi. In the wicket pocket, white cricketer Shakib took 400 wickets. Excited, the Tigers will become so fond of crime One day

Today's Afghanistan may be a big opponent then