Manush is currently the number one batsman in the Lausanne Test, sitting on the throne in white, behind the current number one batsman. He has 935 rating points from morning to evening. He made wickets in the style of Pakistan at home and where the practice is in full swing. Pakistan will tour in March this year after a long 24 years. Australia has a three-match Test series on tour. It is very difficult for the batsman to keep the top spot in Hossain's head at the same time. It is his own fault that he has to get used to the difference between the wickets of Pakistan and Australia. And before facing such a situation Preparation

If not, then the danger is on the format where the test has to be dealt with. Then he made a wicket in his house, spread a rubber mat, made a peer, gave it aluminum along with different positions on it and shared it with Babutar, as seen in the video. It is said that Huthat will go to the Tests in 2021. It has been heard that although he has always been good in the Tests. At two bad times in 2018, when his two Tests were 180, he went to bat in the twentieth century. The track is first three this year before going to play in the county of England in 2009

He did exactly the same thing and had a great time in England that year.