Pakistan's Shaheen Shah Afridi jersey is a terrifying name that survives at the present time. Fear is spreading all over the world. Humor erupted after a Pakistani journalist shared a post on his Twitter handle on February 13, claiming that if Shaheen Shah Afridi had been in the IPL auction, he would have received Rs 200 crore, but it did not go viral. Mumtaz, an Indian journalist in Katgara, says no Indian journalist tweets like this, but Pakistanis do it, which means the IPL is theirs. Someone has written in favor of Shaheen Shah Afridi in IPL. Yes

No, but the tweets at the five-journalist rally are not even close to reality, but a post written to excite Afridi to highlight his current high. Who can take John Cricketer to the team and where it is difficult to spend Afridi behind a cricketer worth Rs 200 crore, it would cost Rs 200 crore more than the total cost of the two sides, he is not currently playing in Pakistan Super League Afridi has not been included in the list of 2 crore 30 lakh 44 thousand ten players in Pakistani Rupees. The second category is Diamond Harbor. The value of 1 crore 15 lakh 22 thousand Pakistani players has been lost in seven matches. The left-hander would have been sold at a much higher price if he had got the chance to play in 45 Pakistan Cricket IPL matches. Elephant But that's 200 crores