Time is running out for a good Delhi team. Touch of consistency in 2021 IPL. Delhi, which finished the group stage from the top of the points list in 2021, is showing the opposite in the battle of props in 2022. Batting, bowling or fielding are not enough consistency. You know the face of Bangladesh's Mustafiz, who was punished this time. Delhi Capitals are gradually falling out of the IPL play-off fight. Winning one match, then losing the next match. He batted almost 160 strikeouts in Delhi, but dropped the batting average to 28. He got out in the last match against you in the 28th house. He got careful again. Mustafiz's performance in the scatter Delhi jersey is also outstanding Chu-nichu

In a match like Wave, bowling is more chemical. In another match against Uruguay, Economic can take 4 overs in the last match. But he has given 37 runs. He has digested 4 boundaries. The rest of the 3 wickets are wicketless. If the first ball in the 18th over is caught in the trap of cash out from the first ball, then the bowlers of the current Delhi bowlers are lagging behind the country, especially the fast bowlers Khalil Ahmed Mustafizur Rahman Shardul Tagore. Kuldeep Yadav pulls 10 wickets in 9 matches with 17 wickets so the next matches are a big challenge to take quick wickets of the opponent

The situation at the 610 points table in Delhi's league table is that the next five matches will have to be won one after the other, otherwise it will be a matter of time before the play-off fight.