A 1:10 second video talks about the T20 World Cup Australia starting ICC's seed to seedling Zimbabwe's Sikander Raja praises their recent success in the video Raja can absolutely do what he needs to do at least this year Birthday has proved something like that. This memorable World Cup match did not travel to the stadium. Sikander Raja shared the video before the match and captioned it all by Allah's will. I am honored to see this great of cricket talking about me like this. That short clip of Ponting before the match became powerful as Raja's motivation to beat Pakistan. Inspired by this, Radha told the same story after the Zimbabwe match. Radha has faced Pakistan a total of 17 times in the World T20 against Pakistan. One match initially had to wait 13 years. The world can do things it never imagined

Asare defeated Pakistan for the first time in the World T20 International 131 for the second time. Zimbabwe needed 51 runs from the last 42 balls. Pakistan 7 wickets. Wicket batsman came to the ball soon after. Sikandar Raja digested a common salt six in the third over and then turned the match. He took the wicket of Satan's Hyder Ali. By dismissing in the 16th over, he spread silent excitement in the short target match. Who will finally win Pakistan Zimbabwe? He gave the first ball of the 11th morning when he needed it. Sikanda clinches historic victory by 1 run as Zimbabwe fail to score similar runs with the ball R

Raja is the big hero of defeating Pakistan by three wickets that he was adjudged best cricketer of the historic match Raja thanked Raja in the match test match presentation which little video inspired him to make him more fearsome. I was nervous, I was excited about today, I wasn't short of inspiration, but I needed a little more. Disappointment hides on Pakistan's day of Zimbabwe's win over Kings Two World Cup matches in a row now question whether the team can make it to the semi-finals After Pakistan's use of criticism in the country is at the center of everyone's anger BCB and management Shoaib Akhtar's video says it's embarrassing for mediocre players and management Select more I am very close to Zimbabwe

After losing you can't qualify now Mamata I also couldn't hold my anger if you make oblique attacks I have been telling the world since day one that it was a bad election now who is responsible for this failure I think it is the so called chairman who is the world's leader. It's time for Pakistan to call on God and the Chief Selector and after the failure, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja is also being asked to answer by many to overcome Pakistan in the remaining three months of the World Cup.