The home ground is their own condition. The wicket is made by Chittagong. Bangladesh is a good performer. Whether the wicket of Mirpur is a complete failure or notIt is not that Kasun Rajitha vs Africa Fernando Chairman Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Second Test has arrived in Dhaka but on the first morning of the first day Bangladesh will return from such a batting disaster with the role of a shaky story of TigersMahmudul Hasan Joy, who scored 30 runs in the first over to save the tamarind tree in the black cloud, could not have stayed. Experienced opener Tamim Iqbal Khan could not have lost his partner. First of allMominul Nazmul scored 16 runs in the opener.

After 13 years of Golden Call 17 Shakib Al Hasan's Bangladesh lost 24 wickets for 5 wickets while Kasun Rajitha was not supposed to play Tests. Hurry upDe Chamak took 4 wickets in the first Test. At the beginning of the second Test, Bangladesh lost 3 wickets for the wicket of Mirpur. After batting in the first innings against Pakistan last year, the first letter book Bangladesh was all outIt remains to be seen how far Bangladesh can take Yunus, who is lagging behind.