The loss in the Zimbabwe series has shown Bangladesh with a finger in the eye. Wanted in this era of cooking 300 plus and dreaming of a win is sheer stupidity. Not being able to execute the building plan is part of Bangladesh's failure against Zimbabwe. But even with so much busyness, there is a glimmer of hope when you are a rotten team on the edge of the abyss. Then he took charge of that team and many people started giving him the New Crisis Drama, but Tamim said that he should not be given such a name right now, so in the first match of the ODI series against Zimbabwe, Tibani came out to bat in the second match. He played a 41-ball 140 innings in the third match. Afif's batting can rise from the brink with his innings of 81/85 runs in Bangladesh as Bangladesh set a target of 257 runs to 68 against Zimbabwe with Batter playing a vital role to push the team towards the end.

Afif's performance is visible throughout the nine years, the third highest run in ODIs this year in 13 matches, they have made 335 batting, above and below 50. The hero of Bangladesh's confidence has always not got the bat in the nine innings of the match. Tamim won by 105 runs in a whitewash and in a press conference, I told Afif not to leave a crisis minded tokma next to his name.

President of Iran stuff that he can give me what we will do at your request but I don't disturb you must domestic quality 2019 for giving tmplan to execute many people should be allowed to play by themselves Tamim told how to get down and how to handle yourself the leaders will say what bar

At this time, I always have such a relationship. If the one-day world cup is completed in the year, the Zimbabwe series loss before it will bring a lot of busyness good.