Pakistan's current Prime Minister Imran Khan is surrounded by 215 of his own security guards, including the country's top cricketer. He enjoys the highest level of security in the country. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is facing huge financial losses due to the rush to safety. An off-the-ground tour of Pakistan has made it even more challenging for Pakistan. A police officer offside recently in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, said that during the Pakistan-Australia series, cricket stadiums and surrounding areas would be covered with security blankets. Raptar

Officials in charge inspect the stadium where most of the matches will be played between Pakistan and Australia. Arrangements will be made for the Pakistan-Australia series. Coach Darren Verry said: "The security here is great. That's why you feel safe here. You get security from the time you land at Pakistan airport to the time you return home. The security you get here Our Test team will be safe It is a different experience but I have never felt unsafe in Pakistan. Experience in Pakistan There are four punishments all around when going to the field and returning to the hotel from the field.

I heard a commotion. I went into a corner and hid behind a screen. From there I saw a security guard standing at my window with a weapon. I looked outside and saw the same situation in every window. He will play three ODIs and a 22 match