India's popular Indian Premier League has changed the definition of one-day cricket, world recognition, the third huge amount of money that can be earned, which has proved that IPL is a role model for T20 leagues, but this time, not only IPL, but also the launch of mini IPL in the cricket world outside of India. The power of another IPL sitting on the soil of Africa, but the video of so much, the regret of Bangladesh is heavy. In 2018 and 2019, South Africa launched a T20 tournament called the Indian Super League, but after these two years, the country could not advance the league due to lack of money. The cricket board approached franchise cricket. The most successful country is relaunching the ideal of IPL to India with a new name South Africa t20 South Africa but the big investment behind it is over to buy IPL teams Mini IPS July 13 According to Cricbuzz data, all 6 South African league teams have been bought by IPL heavyweight brass owners Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani of Indians has bought Chennai Super Kings owner Pock Sh

Bought Delhi Capitals owner bought Pretoria They also bought respectively Port Elizabeth Durban Gopal Launching in January South Africa T20 IPL's most successful team Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings New Meanwhile the team has spent the most Rs 250 crore Former cricketer of the country and current cricketer of the country Commissioner of Board of Trustees said that the Proteas are very optimistic about the new. During the three-match ODI series with Australia, the team is destroyed. Even if the Mini IPL is held, there is little chance of Bangladesh cricketers getting a team there as South Africa T20 League will be held in January at the same time Bangladesh Cricket Board will organize the Bangladesh Premier League.

The BPL will be on the field until the year, so Shakib Mostafiz will have less chance to play in the new South African league.