The Bangladesh team is busy training in Harare, Zimbabwe, making last-minute preparations, so Nurul Afsa is ready for their fight. Led the 15-man team and captained the 15-man team with 345 wickets. The highest run scorer for the team is Sikander Raja 389 runs in 13 matches with a strike rate of 271 runs in 12 matches with a strike rate of 120 also the batting wheel strike rate or resource baton strike rate of 120 Liton Das has the highest runs in the pocket of Bangladesh 134 in five matches with a strike rate of 120 Most of the runs scored in the ward

Striker Mossadegh Hussain 147 The rest of the attack has a lower run rate than Zimbabwe. A bowling all-rounder with 6 bowlers in the bowling department. Sikandar Raja has taken thirteen wickets in 13 matches in the team's 15-man squad this year with Luke Junglee. Twelve wickets in 13 games Ryan Ball took 11 wickets in 10 matches but did not do much in T20s

The best action of a great game against Zimbabwe is yet to come as the team is missing Mujarabani Tendai Chatara who has taken the most wickets in T20 this year Chatara Mujarabani and Chachara were injured in the T20 World Cup Qualifiers yet both are still out. Recovering so it will be a blow for Zimbabwe to lose them but Bangladesh will also get a chance to play well. In the Mujarabani outfit, he took 4 wickets in three matches in the 2021 T20 series against Bangladesh in Zimbabwe.