Hello, my dear friend's guys today I am going to talk about one of the best players in the world I can say is Rashid Khan. So now Rashid Khan has been appointed as a captain of Afghanistan cricket team in each and every format whether it is the T20 ODI any kind of test match played.

It is a very good initiative by the Afghanistan coach as well as the Afghanistan cricket board because Afghanistan is now has lost all of the matches in the world cup and there should be some of the big changes they have to make cricket board has given the conclusion at the end of the world cup that they have to change their team format as well as the team coach.

But here till now, our step has been taken by the Afghanistan cricket board to change the captain of the team. And in all format as before we have talked that in the ODI Gulabadin Naib what's the captain of one-day international cricket as well as Rahmat Shah was the captain of the test match. And if we talk about the T20 than Rashid Khan was the captain of the team.

But now the step has been taken by Afghanistan cricket board to appoint as a Rashid Khan the captain of all the format. However, this will bring some of the changes in the team as well as some of the good things will come up in the Afghanistan cricket team and we hope in 2024 World Cup I can see a new Afghanistan cricket team playing in the game.

Quote - "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough".

Author- Og Mandino

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