Bangladesh have been doing very well since the first of the second innings. Bangladesh took two wickets for just 4 runs. The captain was to say, Shakib Al Hasan. His next wicket was read by 28 runs. Afghanistan lost three wickets for lunch. The game is turning towards Bangladesh. If you can force the ball in such a way, Bangladesh will be able to stop them with very few runs. However, Bangladesh made a very bad bat in the first innings. Both were able to run as bat. Mominul Haque scored 52 and Mosaddek scored 48 runs. Rashid Khan took 5 wickets and Mohammad Nabi took 3 wickets. Afghanistan got a 5-run lead in the first inning. However, if Bangladesh can score very little in the second innings. Then you can do something good. But if Bangladesh batters can not do better, it is possible to win. Meanwhile, the Afghan bowlers are bowling very well. Their spinners are the best spinners in the world. Like Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi. They make a lot of good balls. Till now the chances of winning are both. However, it is very unlikely to be a draw. Because in just two and a half days, the game is over. There are still two and a half days to play. Now is the time. So the probability of being drawn is very low. Afghanistan's run in the second innings is 99/3 so far. He has given Bangladesh a lead of 236 runs so far.