So far England is responding well to Australia. In reply to Australia's 497-run stand, England have scored 167 runs so far. But the biggest thing is they only got 4 wickets. If you play now, the match will go towards the draw. Until the second day of the game everyone was thinking that maybe England are going to a big defeat but today's England bat looks like the game may go towards a draw. Although the game is a game of uncertainty. It cannot be said what will happen when. Rory Jessh Burms 81. And joe root 70 runs now . Hazelwood 2 and Pet commets 1 wickets. Today is the third day of the test. There's only one more hour to play. There is a bit of it, but imagine that the match can be a draw.

Meanwhile, New Zealand won three wickets in two matches in the second match of the three-match Twenty20 series. New Zealand won the series 2-0. There is only one game in this series. Sri Lanka went down to bat first to win the toss and took 161 for 9 in the stipulated 20 overs. Niroshon Dicwalle 39 and Avisek Fernados scored 31 for the team. For New Zealand, Seth rence took 3 wickets, tim southee and scott kuggoling two wickets each.

New Zealand went down the bat and won with two balls in hand. Coin de 59 and tom bruns scored 53 for the team. Sri Lanka akila donanjoi took four wickets.