Sri Lanka are at the end of the first Test in New Zealand v Sri Lanka's Test match. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first. Newziland 1st ininges 249 runs all out . After that, Srilongka batting 1st inings 267 runs all out. Sri Lanka gave New Zealand the target of only 18 runs. New Zealand scored 283 runs in the second innings to bat. New Zealand gave Sri Lanka a lead of 268 runs. However, Sri Lanka got off to a great start in the second innings. He finished the day with 133 runs without losing any wickets. He will play 100 overs on the fifth day. 133 runs in 100 overs. There are 10 wickets in hand. Maybe Sri Lanka will win very easy. But playing cricket cannot be said in advance. The game can rotate at any time, in any direction However, there is a possibility. That possibility is still there to pay for Sri Lanka.

Let's see how Sri Lanka can bat tomorrow and how New Zealand do the ball. New Zealand needs 10 wickets and Sri Lanka need only 133 runs.

Let the team win a first test team.