Hi juys today I will tell you about the highest test runs in an single innings.highest test runs in single innings was done by team Sri Lanka team in 2nd August,1997.Sri Lanka team scores 952 runs at the fall of 6 wickets against the team India.

This test match was played between iindia and Sri Lanka on 2nd august 1997 in the Premadasa Stadium in the city of Colombo. In this match India won the toss and elected to bat first.N R Mongia and N S Sidhu comes into the crease.they did not make the big partnership and India loses his first wicket at the score of 36 runs in the shape of Mongia who just scores 7 runs in 38 balls.Wicket of Mongia was taken by Pushpakumara. Then the onedown batasman Rahul Dravid comes into the crease.they both played a fantastic partnership of 147 runs. N S Sidhu played a brilliant century. He scores 111 runs in 200 balls with 13 fours and 2 sixes . Then Vaas comes into attack and he gives break through to srilanka. He dismisses the sidhu.This time the score of team India was 183 at the loss of two wickets.Then the God of cricket comes into the crease Tendulkar. On the other hand Dravid was playing well he scores 69 runs in 197 balls with 10 fours . Then India lost their 3 wicket at the score of 230 runs in the shape of Dravid taken by Jayasuriya.then M Azharuddin comes into crease . They both plays till the end of day one. At the end of day first score of team India was . 280/3 (SR Tendulkar 65*, M Azharuddin 18*).

In the 2nd day Tendaulkur and azharuddin plays vary well. They make a partnership of 221 runs .They both score centuries.then Muralitharan comes into attack and takes the wicket of Tendaulkur at the core of 451 runs. Tendaulkur scores 143 runs in 247 runs with 20 fours.Then India lost the another wicket in next over in the shape of Ganguly who scores golden duck. Azharuddin lost his wicket at the score of 479 who scores 126 runs 11 fours . then Chauhan and Kimble are Inthe crease they scores 37 runs partnership for 7th wicket . Then the wicket of Chauhan was taken by Jayasuriya at the team score of 516-7. Then Atapattu gets out at the score of 537 runs who score 9 runs. Then India declared.kimble remains not out at the score of 27 runs.

In the bowling side of srilanka Vass takes one wicket, K R Pushpakumara and Muralitharan takes two wickets both and Jayasuriya takes 3 wickets.

After the innings break srilankan openers come into the crease in the shape of Atapattu and Jayasuriya.they score 39 runs partnership and lost their first wicket quickly in the shape of Atapattu who scores 26 runs in 31 balls. At the end of Day 2 - Sri Lanka 39/1 (ST Jayasuriya 12*).

On third day .Mahanama and Jayasuriya come into the crease. This day was amazing srilanka does not lost any wicket in this day. At the end of day third the score of srilanka was 322-1.ST Jayasuriya was playing at the score of 175*and RS Mahanama was playing at the score of score of 115* runs. They both score centuries on day third.

In day four the inform batasmas already scored century playing beautifully. They both plays 90 more overs of day four. In this day Jayasuriya smashes triplle century and Mahanama scored double century. At the end of day four the score of srilanka was 587-1.ST Jayasuriya was playing at the score of 326*and RS Mahanama scores 211*.

In the last day. They Jayasuriya and Mahanama comes into crease. They playing vary well.At the score of 615 runs srilanka loast their two wickeys I. The shape of big players . Jayasuriya who scores 340 runs in 578 balls with 36 fours and 2 sixes and Mahanama who scores 225 runs in 516 balls with 16 fours. Then Silva and Ranatunga comes into crease they score a partnership of 175 runs. Then at the score of 790 runs Silva was taken out by Ganguly who scores a brilliant 126 runs in 211 with 16 fours.then Jayawardena comes into crease. He and Ranatunga makes a partnership of 113 runs. The Ganguly takes the wicket of Jayawardene who scores 66 runs.the score of team srilanka was 921-5. At the end of day five and the end of match the score of srilanka was 924 -4. This was the highest score in test cricket in one innings.

In bowling side of India Ganguly takes two wickets and Kimble and Kulkarni takes both one wickets.

Jayasuriya was given the man of the match.

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