When a player or batsman gets out without scoring run is considered duck out.

There are several types of duck.

Golden duck: if you get out on the first ball itself, then it's a golden duck

Silver: Silver duck is when you get out on the 2nd ball

Bronze: of you get out in any way on the 3 Rd call it's bronze

Diamond: if you get out even without facing a ball, which happens through run out, is dimond

Royal: it happens in the first ever ball in ashes, if you get out on zero on the first call, then it's royal

Laughing: if you get out on duck in the last call of an innings, then it's called laughing

A Pair: if in the both innings of a test match you get out on zero, then it's called a pair

King Pair: if both innings is the match a batsman get out on the first ball

Batting Hattrick: if you are out three times in a row on zero