The south African batsman Mr. AB De Villiers has been always in the news after his retirement. In world cup 2019, he was rumored to approach the board for playing for south Africa.

But many says he is over ratted as a cricketer, but I think he is actually a great players. Also I like to proof this with some of his records.

#### A perfect combination of average, strike rate and consistency

ABD is the only batsman with 50-plus average and over 100-plus strike rate in ODI cricket, considering the 50-plus innings played by any batsmen.

Expect Kohli, no one even close to him. HE has more 50+ runs compared to kohli, also more strike rate.

Though his average of 53.5 is slightly lesser to Kohli, but in ODI 53.5 of average is considered very impressive. A great player with a great record.

#### No of hundreds for a batman coming after 25th over of an innings

Exactly after the half mark of the inning, thats after 25th over.

You mostly play with the pressure after 25th over till 40-45 over, with less than 25 overs left in the match, its never easy to score high.

Let's see the no. of 100 scored by batsmen, coming to bat after 25th over.

AB De Villiers : 5

Virat Kohli : 2

Jos Buttler : 2

So here again the ABD is winning the race and this stats shows his ability to finish the innings in a positive note.

#### Balls played to reach milestone

His fastest milestones are as below :

Century VS West Indies : 31 Balls

Fastest 50 : 16 Balls

Fastest 150 : 64Balls

So he is the real destructive batsman in the history with the consistency.

I wish he could have played more matches.