Hello everyone

As we know this a season of IPL

Every Indian know about it and everyone love to watch and support their team

But yesterday match between KKR (Kolkata knight riders) vs KXIP (King's eleven Punjab)

And KKR win the match by 28 runs

What actually happened in yesterday match

Well KKR score 219 and kings Xi try to do lots of effort to win the match against KKR

But unfortunately kings XI Punjab lose the match because the team can't understand the tac tics of KKR

And kings Xi lose the match by 28 runs

Overall playing

We'll both team play good

With their own uniqueness and different playing order

And with their specific tax tic

But in the END KKR wins the match

And KKR supporters celebrate the victory of match

So guy's that's all for this post

And I hope you like my post