Bangladesh women's team showed their strengths and weaknesses in the last match. In the previous match, Bangladesh's hopes of reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup were dashed. Today's match against England was about defending the rules. Returning with a little respect with him. Bangladesh lost the match by 100 runs. However, the other purpose of Bangladesh has been fulfilled. That was almost certain when the current champions were stopped for just 234 runs.

Although the batsmen were disappointed in the end, Lata Mandal fulfilled the objective by scoring 134 runs. Going to play ODI World Cup for the first time, at least Bangladesh did not get the last place. The Nigar Sultans finished the World Cup in seventh place with the best run rate. Pakistan has eight. Bangladesh's only win in the World Cup is against Pakistan, by 9 runs..


Bangladesh finished the World Cup with the two most difficult matches possible. Fighting against Australia, the most successful team in women's cricket, Bangladesh went down against the current champions today. As seen in the Australian match, the same thing happened today. The bowlers have raised hopes with a great performance. And the batsmen are disappointed.

England had to win today. Because, if India had not won today, they would not have gone to the semi-finals if India had lost to South Africa in another match of the day. But Jahanara-Salmara made the task of the current champions difficult. England lost 2 wickets for only 26 runs. Not attacking, England was so busy arranging the innings. England could not cross 100 in the middle of the innings. They lost 4 wickets in 26 overs. 98 runs on the scoreboard then. Two new batsmen on the wicket.

But the national pride of the English woke up only after that. Sophia Dunkley put on a 62-run stand with Amy Jones (31). Before being stumped by Salma, Dunkley made 6 runs off 72 balls. By then, England's score had exceeded 200. An innings of 24 off 22 balls without any fours and sixes by Katherine Brant gave England 234 runs. As the only team in the World Cup, Bangladesh did not allow the opponent to score 250 runs in any match. Salma is the most successful bowler of Bangladesh who got 2 wickets for 47 runs.

This fame, however, faded after a while. Like all previous matches, the first wicket pair lasted a long time. Bangladesh, however, got only 42 runs from a pair that lasted about 16 overs. Sharmin Akhtar returned with 23 runs off 50 balls. After 9 balls, his partner Shamima Sultana returned. Shamimar scored 23 runs like his partner, but his innings was 74 balls.

Expecting to win the match by chasing 200 against England is an exaggeration. But the slow start of the openers confirmed the loss. Captain Nigar Sultana (22) and Lata Mandal have confirmed that the team has crossed the 100 mark. But the run rate has never been three.

Latar's innings stopped at 30 in the 45th over. Bangladesh lost the last 4 wickets for 6 runs.