Ashes in progress. Nathan Lion-Joe Root is fighting on the field. Wife-lovers rushed from the Brisbane gallery to support them.

But on the second day of the first Test tomorrow, the cricketers '' wags 'witnessed the spectators' fight.

They are sitting in two corporate boxes in Gabba as well. From there he is providing support in the field game. Cricketers' wives and lovers have to watch the fights between the fans of the two teams during tomorrow's game.

The incident took place right in front of the cricketers' wives and children. According to media reports, Emma McCarthy, the fianc of Australian spinner Nathan Lyon, was watching the fight while talking on the phone.


Also present was Rebecca Labushen, wife of Australian batsman Marnus Labushen. The 'Wags' of the England team were in the next box.

According to a source in Mail Online Australia, the cricketers of the two teams fought on the field but the 'wags' of the two sides in the gallery maintained a good harmony.

Although the audience could not maintain harmony. One visitor was beaten and fell from the gallery.

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Police and security personnel went and rescued the spectator. The situation was calmed down. Queensland police could not say exactly what caused the fight in the gallery.

A spokesman for Mail Online Australia said a total of 13 visitors had been removed from the gallery yesterday. Among them are two spectators who entered the field and stopped playing. They have to stand in court.

An England fan asked the Australian supporter, 'Will you marry me?'

The boy's name is Rob Hale. The girl's name is Natalie. The boy is a supporter of England, the girl is Australian. They both love cricket. So say, love!

When Australia-England engages in field battles in the Ashes, it is not uncommon for at least a distance to be created between the two. Wrong. Love does not mean any obstacle.

Rob and Natalie proved this on the morning of the third day of the first Test of the Ashes series in Gabba, Brisbane.

The two sat side by side in the gallery. Rob is a member of the Burmese Army, a pro-England group. Meanwhile, Natalie came after the Australian jersey. Rob sat down and had a little fun with Natalie. Show him something on the giant screen.

Natalie stood up and looked at him. Rob did the real work. He knelt next to Natalie and took out the ring. Rob then said, 'I will finish this sweet work very soon. Because a lot of people are watching. The best four years of my life. Will you marry me? '


The people on the TV camera are another stick. They capture the emotional romantic moment on camera. Natalie was not late. After bowing his head and agreeing, he kissed Rob. As many spectators as there were around, everyone applauded and soaked the pair. After Natalie agreed, Rob took her in his arms. Then he put the ring on his lover's hand.

Channel 7 commentator James Bryce congratulated the pair on "fake" the story of the late Australian legend and commentator Bill Rory, saying, "Nothing is left to happen on the third day in Gabba. Look over there. Rob Burmese Army. Natalie is definitely Aji. Great. ' The incident has also sparked discussion on social media. A female cricket fan tweeted, "I dream of getting an offer like this from someone."

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Natalie's team Australia is currently in a better position in the field fight in Gabba. After England was bowled out for 146 in the first innings, Australia was bowled out for 425 on the third day. After batting in their second innings, they scored 150 runs for 2 wickets till the writing of this report.

Arriving in New Zealand, Taskin said, "We are ready to do anything for the country."

After the Test series against Pakistan, now Bangladesh is facing the challenge of two-Test series on New Zealand soil.

The Bangladesh team has reached New Zealand today for that purpose. After seven days of quarantine, Bangladesh will be able to start the practice if the Covid test is negative.


The Bangladesh team set foot on New Zealand soil this morning. The video sent by the BCB shows the Bangladesh team sitting in the lounge of the airport in New Zealand.

Fast bowler Taskin Ahmed said in the video, "We have now reached New Zealand from Dhaka. There were many long flights. Now our quarantine will begin. Everyone arrived healthily. We will have room quarantine for seven days now. Although the work is difficult, we are ready to do everything for the country. Everyone will pray that we can give the gift of a good game with our best.

The Bangladesh team is at the Isolation Center in Christchurch.

Bangladesh played a three-match ODI and T20 series on New Zealand soil in February. The Bangladesh team is still undefeated after playing 33 matches in three editions on New Zealand soil.

This time the performance of the team is not promising at all. After losing all the matches in the Super Twelve in the T20 World Cup, the hosts also got whitewashed in the T20 and Test series against Pakistan on home soil.

Bangladesh has gone to New Zealand without Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal.

Rohit explained the reason for India's failure in the global tournament

Earlier, he got the captaincy of T20, this time he got the captaincy of India's ODI team. Despite establishing his dominance in white-ball cricket, Rohit Sharma explored the reasons why India could not win the title despite being favorites in global tournaments. He explained why in recent years, India has not been able to do well in a World Cup-like event even though it has a good team.

India won the ODI World Cup title at home in 2011. After that, India failed to claim the title in the 2015 ODI World Cup, 2018 Champions Trophy, and 2019 ODI World Cup. The 2015 and 2019 World Cup teams have already left the semifinals. The main reason for this is the weakness of middle-order batting. The poor performance of the middle order in every match of the last 6 years has drowned India. Especially in the final of the 2018 Champions Trophy and 2019 ODI World Cup semifinals, the middle order of the team could not handle the initial disaster.


As captain, Rohit said he wanted a middle-order who would be ready for any situation, "I want a middle-order who will fight for 3 for 10. Understand the pressure and turn around. We have to look at this now. Those who will bat at numbers 3 to 6 will have to take responsibility. Honestly, this is the main reason for our failure in global competition. In the matches we lost, we could not handle the initial disaster.

Rohit Sharma has a great record in IPL. His team Mumbai Indians have won the title more than once. This is where the difference is made between him and Virat Kohli. Although Kohli was successful in the Tests, he could not give anything to India in limited-overs cricket. Even in the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore could not bring any title. Rohit knows the captaincy well, he knows how to get something good from the players of the team.

Rohit himself shared how he sees it, 'One's job as a captain is to bring out the best in the players. Picking the right cricketer in the right place. I think if you can do it, the job becomes much easier. Even if the team breaks up, the captain has to stay with everyone. The captain must behave as if he were the most important player on the team. His presence must be important.