Sharjah Stadium T20 records lets talk about the highest and lowest stadium score, highest score, best bowling data, most successful tracking and Sharjah T20 average score.

Sharjah has many years been a center for white ball cricket, especially for over 50 games, but lately the stadium has also hosted a large number of T20 cricket matches, to which regular PSL and IPL guests are invited. Likewise, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been hosting T20 matches in Sharjah for several decades and the stadium will witness a match during the 2021 World Cup. Sharjah's T20 cricket statistics and records detailed below contain a lot of data for reference.

Sharjah Service Conditions and Shots Predictions

Sharjah's field conditions usually result in bigger scores, and the short border is also conducive to six shots. The length of the border of the Sharjah gates can reach 60 meters.

During the 2020 IPL Championship, Sharjah Stadium had 7 rounds of 200+ in the first 4 games with an average score of 219 in the first round, and most of the IPL matches during that time made it into the Sharjah T20 report below.

On the field used at the end of the game, the score became a little more difficult and the dew factor played an important role in determining the result. Wet field was also important in the fall of Sharjah. Since this gives the batter a clear advantage in the late game and is disadvantageous to the bowler, both sides often choose to run.

Average T20 score in Sharjah

Sharjah T20 - 1st out of 156 GPA

Sharjah T20 matches the average win rate in the first game of 177.