Due to it being my turn to host the live blog last week there was no Saturday morning quiz. However, it's back again this weekend and given the popularity of the catchphrase idea a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd stick with the general theme but this time change the sport to cricket.

Now I know what you're thinking, you're sat there complaining that you don't know anything about the game of cricket so how the hell are you going to have fun let alone win anything in this quiz. Well, I promise you that the phrases below are all really easy to guess if you just look at the pictures and say what you see. There is no limit to the number of times you can guess so if at first you don't succeed, try, try again ..........

Cricket is a sport with a lot of bizarre-sounding sayings so here's your choice to learn a few of them and win some SCR in the process.

The rules and basic premise are exactly the same as the previous game which you can find here


Each correct guess earns 2 SCR

Only the first person to guess the name correctly gets the 2 SCR

Please include the number(s) you are guessing with your answer(s)

  1. Pea-Roller @barbadosso

A pea-roller is a ball bowled by a bowler that unexpectedly rolls along the pitch rather bouncing as you would expect

2. Chin Music @fraste

3. Bodyline @barbadosso

4.Agricultural Shot-@fraste

5. Golden Duck @barbadosso

If a batsman is out without scoring it is referred to as a duck. If he is out without scoring first ball it is a golden duck

6. French Cut @fraste

7. Chinaman-@barbadosso

8. Short-Third Man-@barbadosso

A fielding position that is generally at a 45 degree angle to the bat

9. Sledging @barbadosso

10. Buffet Bowling @fraste