A lot has been written of late about the failings of the Scorum team to deliver on its roadmap. Much of the focus has been on how empty the betting exchange is now that we have reached the end of the European football season but it's worth remembering that Scorum was supposed to have a whole lot more, including creating its own fantasy sports leagues. The ambition (along with many others) seems to have faded into oblivion leaving another opportunity to promote the platform floundering facedown in the dirt.

Before I go ahead and tell you that you should join the official ICC fantasy league run by Indian company Dream 11, it's worth noting how much flack their site took for their running of the official IPL Fantasy League which ended last month. To say that users weren't impressed by Dream 11 would be an understatement! Somehow they managed to make what appeared like quite a simple fantasy game seem very complex and while the site looked shiny and new the interface was actually very frustrating to use.

I think given what Scorum has achieved with their blogging site and betting exchange that they could, if they had the will to do so, make a better fantasy cricket experience than Dream 11. Furthermore and perhaps surprisingly there are very few alternatives to the Dream 11 run game. The English newspaper The Telegraph is running a fantasy league but it is overly simplistic and aimed more at the occasional cricket watcher as opposed to the hardcore fan. On the other side of the coin there are a few niche sites running their own fantasy leagues that are very much geared towards cricket lovers but what they make up for in statistical superiority and detailed points scoring they lose in user interface. Surely it wouldn't take too much to create something in between that could cater for all?

The best I have seen to date is the Fox Sports Fantasy League AKA Super Coach which covered the BBL this winter. If Scorum could create something similar to that for future cricket tournaments including next year's IPL and the T20 World Cup that takes place in Australia in 2020 then I think you'd have a product that would be far better and more popular (if promoted correctly) than anything Dream 11 seems capable of coming up with.

And now having slated their product, please feel free to join the league I've created on Dream 11.


Private League Code: SL4DYNFE2SX2DA

The way to join is pretty much the same as with the IPL version and you can find the guide I wrote for that here

If you are having any problems joining feel free to drop by the 12th Man telegram group and someone will help you.

Top Tips When Selecting Your Team

  • Look out for who is playing who in each round and note the fact that on occasion a side plays more than one game in a round and some teams don't play at all in certain rounds ...........
  • You have unlimited trades up to the start of the 1st round so take a look at the warm-up games going on this week and also take note of any injuries that occur
  • You also have unlimited transfers between round 1 and round 2 so don't worry too much if you mess it up to start with because your squad can be changed around 
  • Don't forget to use your 3 free hits every round but be sure to check the weather forecast before you do so - this is England after all! 
  • Look out for a future post on value buys in the fantasy league 


There are 11 rounds in the competition, the highest score for each round will win

1st - 15 SCR

2nd - 10 SCR

3rd - 5 SCR

The overall winner of the league after 11 rounds will receive

1st - 100 SCR

2nd - 50 SCR

3rd - 20 SCR