Nepali Cricket team is in the second step at the qualifiers of worldcup T-20 which will be held in Australia in October 2020. Last year in the first step of qualifiers, Nepali team won the Asia B tournament which was held in Malaysia. So, they are here in this qualifiers. To reach to the global qualifiers, Nepal has to win this tournament.

This tournament will be held in Singapore after 3 days. i.e July 22 - July 28. Nepal is in Malaysia to prepare this tournament. Nepal played a 2 match series in Malaysia against Malaysia and clean swept that series. They will move to Singapore on July 20th.

Nepal is continuously preapring hard in Kinrara Oval Ground in Malaysia. Along with the host Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal and Qatar will participate in this tournament. Only the tournament winner can proceed forward to the global qualifiers so Nepali team is beware of that situations as in T-20 cricket every team can win a match and the opponent cannot be under estimated. Umesh Patwal, the new head coach of team Nepal who is from India is giving special emphasis of fitness of the players and he is working hard for the success of team Nepal.

The winner of the tournament will be selected to play global qualifiers in UAE from 11th October. In the global qualifiers, the winner of this tournament will play against qualified teams from other regions along with Scotland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Hongkong, Oman, Ireland and host UAE. A total of 14 teams will participate in the global qualifiers from where 6 teams will be selected to play T-20 worldcup in Australia next year.

Nepal has a lot to improve before going to the worldcup event. Dipendra Airi was injured during the PM cup tournament an he has stayed away from the field from that period. It is believed that he will be fit till the start of the tournament.