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Dhoni is fascinated in Afghanistan
Dhoni is fascinated by Afghanistan cricket Shejad-Rashid-Prophets fill the praises India's final and Afghanistan were sure to depart. So yesterday the match of the match was unimportant. But ultimately, the thrill of Abu Dhabi was spread in the cricket world. In the last over, one-and-a-day cricket saw one more rugged tie. India, however, thought it was "unimportant" to play. That's not unusual. It is normal to do this in the final confirmation. But they came to the ground and realized how the Afghanistan team was. With this team going a little bit, the defeat will happen, and suddenly the captain of the 200th match got the opportunity to understand that Mahendra Singh Dhoni With that understanding, how much Afghan cricket has progressed. Captain Coolie said, 'I think they have made a lot of progress in cricket after the match. They have really appreciated how they played since the start of the Asia Cup. Keep it, it's pretty. They're coming up fast. They are fascinating in all the batting-bowling-fielding departments. Suddenly, Dhoni has kept this match in mind for a long time. But he will not be able to win this match. But he did not lose the match because he survived the stomach and said, 'The match has been tipped to the end, it is not bad. We could lose the match. ' While praising Afghanistan, Dhoni, who is quite dissatisfied with his outburst, said, "I do not want to face much more than this, I do not want to face punishment." Dhoni made a personal 8 runs in the wrong decision of West Indian umpire Gregory Brett. On TV replays, it was clear that the ball went over the stumps. But then India has lost reviews. There is enough question about Dinesh Kartik's decision. After all, Dhoni has no objection to the Afghans deserve credit for this match.

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