Cricket / all rounder

Boom Boom! The LALA of Cricket. Sahibzada Shahid Khan Afridi
The blastering personality from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan also known as Lala - Mr Shahid Afridi always managed to entertain us with his presence in the cricket world . He is one of the most loving cricketer in the world. With his dashing looks and his agressive genre, fans are crazy about him. He has a record of hitting most no. of sixes in the history od ODi cricket. He also had a record of scoring fastest century off just 37 balls. But this record was later on broken by Corey Anderson and currently AB De Villiers is holding up the record of scoring fastest Century off just 31 balls. Shahid Afridi was born on 1st March 1980. He started building his interest in cricket when he was just 11 years old; and at the age of 16 Shahid Afridi made his career debut in ODi's against Kenya on 2nd October,1996. However he didn't get the chance to bat. In the same year, Pakistan has a series against Srilanka. Afridi became popular just in his 3rd game of the series where he made the record of scoring fastest century and surprised everyone with his aggressive talent. 2 years later on 2nd October 1996, Shahid made his Test debut against Australia. Afridi always believed that he was better as a bowler than batsman. He has taken a total of 350 ODi wickets and 48 Test wickets with his skillful leg spin bowling and thus putting him on one of the worlds greatest all rounders list. His agressive batting style gave him the name "BOOM BOOM". He was the player who used to put full positive impact on the game just by his presence. He has seen many ups and downs in his whole career. From dropping out of the team to captaining his team, Shahid Afridi has done alot. He has won many Man Of The Match awards and also The Most Stylish Player Award in 2007 and 2011. He ended his career on a good note but his fans all over the world got very sad and dissapointed with his retirement. But this is how it works. CAREER STATISTICS Competition Test ODi T20Matches 27 398 99 Runs 1716 8064 1416Batting Avg 36.51 23.57 17.32100's/50's 5/8 6/39 0/4Top Score 156 124 54Balls Bowled 3194 17,670 2168Wickets 48 395 98Bowling Avg 35.60 34.51 24.4Best Bowling 5/52 7/12 4/11

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