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Announcement Of Big Bash League Prediction Contest(Cancelled)
Hi Everyone.Sorry for this post.I can see so many disagreements with this contest.So,i will never come up with an contest.Please consider and remove your vote and comments.Thank you all. Hi Scorumians :) We should know that Big Bash League will Start in 3 days.It's look like Big Bash League is knocking at the door.Big Bash League is an Australian Professional T20 Cricket league, which ranks ninth among domestic Professional leagues in the world.Every time Big Bash league comes with so much fun and entertainment for Cricket fans.To increase the fun of Big Bash league i will host Prediction contest in the whole Big Bash League.This time total 59 match will be held in the Big Bash League.So,i will try to host more than 50+ contest. source Why I Am Hosting This Contest? I am hosting this contest to increase the fun of Big Bash League for Scorumians.Also in Scorum,most of the time we can see Soccer based contest.That's why i am coming with this Cricket based contest. How To Participate In This Contest? It's really very simple to Participate in this contest.In the contest you have to predict that "which team will win".Suppose a match will held between X vs Y.Then you have to predict that "X will win the match" or "Y will win the match" and you are done. What Is the Prize For The Winners? The Prize for the Winners is SCR.An amount of SCR will be Selected for every contest.Prize will be sent to the Winners within 24 hours. source Is There Any Rules And Conditions For The Contest? Yes,there are some rules and conditions for the contest.See below: 1.Only one entry per user 2.Predict the result before the match 3.If we have more than one Winner,then the prize will be shared among the Winners Calling Out For Sponsors 》 You already know that i will host over 50+ contest.For that reason i need many SCR for prize.So,i am calling out some great Sponsors for the contest. How To Be A Sponsor Of The Contest? In Generally,you don't need to do any hard work to be a Sponsor.Just send any amount of SCR to @scorumbd. [There is no lower or higher limit for Sponsors.You can send 1 SCR to 1000 SCR to @scorumbd as a Sponsor.Because the more you give,the more prizes will be awarded to the Winners] Thanks For Reading This Announcement.Make sure that you are a Sponsor of the contest with at least 1 SCR. Have A Great Day!

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