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Bat Will Be Using To Toss In Cricket !
Cricket is one of the famous game in the world.Cricket have 2.5B fans in the world.Most probably cricket is more popular in Asia,Australia and Uk.We know that to start a Cricket match we must have to start the match with Toss. We should know that in Cricket,the toss is the flipping of a coin to determine that which captain will have the right to choose whether his team will bat or field first on the match. source Everytime we have using a coin to Toss in Cricket.Have you seen any toss to using a Cricket Bat except coin? source May be No.But from now you can see that Cricket Bat will be using to Toss in Cricket.This will possible in Big Bash League.Big Bash is an Australian Professional T20 Cricket league.We should know that Big Bas League always bring new and interesting features in the Cricket world.For example the best feature by Big Bash is Zing Wicket system.We have seen that in Cricket,the stumps and bails are lighting up each time the ball hit it or the wicket keeper whips the ball off.That's called Zing Wicket System.We have first seen this technology in the Big Bash League.After that we can see the Zing Wicket System in the whole Cricket world.Now they are ready to bring another interesting feature in the Cricket world. source We have seen in every Toss that A person from the authority flip a coin and the Captain should choose the heads or tails for the toss.But in this new System a person from the authority flip the bat and captain should choose the hills or flats of the bat for the toss. source May be you can thought that "Cricket Bat is an uneven thing.In the toss if it always becomes hills because of being uneven then the captain will always try to call hills to win the toss.Most probably the captain who choose hills for the toss he will win most of the time."Yeah,because of uneven it will possible to happen in every toss.But don't worry this will not happen in the toss. Because the Big Bash Authority already talked with Kookaburra(Sports Equipment Company) to make the Special Cricket bats that will only using for the toss.Also using the bat on the toss the winning probability will be 50-50 . This feature will be seen in the Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers match of Big Bash League for the first time.What do you think about this feature? Is this feature will come in the whole cricket world like Zing Wicket System? Let us know in the comment section below. [Announcement : We have a Discord Server for Scorumians.We will happy to see you there !] Join ScorumBD Discord Server
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