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Dhoni 100 win as a captain in Indian premier league
SOURCE In the history of cricket, no skipper had win 100 wins in Indian premier league. He has a high win percentage in terms of captaincy. He is known by captain cool as he always takes the match to last over to win the match. He always had a pressure when the team is chasing and he put his pressure on him till the final ball of the winnings. He had remain not out in 26 innings while chasing and out of that, he had 23 wins in his name. so, he is the best finisher Chennai super kings and team India get. In the match against Rajasthan Royals, he completed his 100 wins as a captain in Indian premier league. No other captain or player to his milestone. M.S.Dhoni is the first player to reach this milestone. He had a good career in the field of cricket and he is a T20 specialist and so he is one of the top finishers in the world. Every bowler's fear against him when he is a strike and the bowlers can't understand where to bowl the ball against him. SOURCE Before the match against Rajasthan Royals, Dhoni had 99 wins in his name but after winning against Rajasthan Royals they have 100 wins in his name. In this match, Dhoni played a 50+ runs innings to chase the target. Besides this, he had 100 runs partnership with Ambati Raydu. Dhoni has several records in his name as he had played for Chennai super kings for more than 8 years and also he is one of the coolest captains I had seen in my life. Apart from IPL, he had several records in international matches also. In the match against Rajasthan, there was huge drama occurred in the final over of the match as in the last over of the second innings Ben Stokes bowls a full toss above the wrist and umpire give no ball but leg umpire did not give any response and so umpire decided to change the decision and so Dhoni comes in the ground for the bad judgment from the umpire. But then also centre hit a boundary in the last ball of the innings and gave a team victory. With this win, Dhoni had 100 wins in his name while doing captaincy in Indian Premier League.