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Archrivals will face each other again in a much awaited clash
A rivalry is a part of every game, and today I am going to talk about one of the biggest Cricket Rivalries in the world of Cricket. India and Pakistan was once a single nation but after their separation from each other they have shown up more as rivals to each other in almost every manner. Cricket is the game that helps people like us to see them at one big stage, together and at the same time facing each other. India v/s Pakistan is not just a game, its millions of emotions and hopes which is why this game puts a lot more pressure on the players than any of the games. Image Source Greatest of Cricket Matches Cricket fans remember just like I do the last game they played against each other, Final of the Champions Trophy which was then won by Pakistan in a very dominating manner. We also remember how Pakistan has been looking like a more stable side now with new youngsters taking the responsibilities which have certainly helped to build a balanced team now. Pakistan was considered as underdogs in the Champions Trophy yet they performed in a fantastic manner to take the cup home against the top sides of the world. Image Source Pakistan's Chances Pakistan will be a better side in Asia Cup this time around when they will be facing their biggest rivals India on September 19. They have improved with the inclusion of new talents and the opportunities they have had mostly due to their legendary cricketer turned chief selector Inzaman-ul-Haq. Pakistan has had problems with batting in the past years but with their own cricket league they have found solutions to most of their problems as they have been able to find some hidden talents of their nation. Pakistan will be starting as favorites with India in the Asia Cup but at the same time, we must remember how unpredictable Pakistan has been in all formats of the game, so we can't really predict. Image Source India will be resting V. Kohli Defending Champions India will be relying more on their batting like they always have been. Team India has already announced its squad and they have decided to rest Virat Kohli which is a great news for all the teams who are participating in the Asia Cup this time. The absence of Virat Kohli will improve the chances of Pakistan in the tournament slightly knowing the class and prowess he brings to the team. Rohit Sharma will be leading the Indian side in Asia Cup, Rohit Sharma is a fine captain and he has already shown that to the world in IPL. Image Source Key for India The experience of the Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be crucial for Team India. M.S Dhoni undoubtedly has been one of the best captains in the world and has won almost every cup for his team. He is amazing on the field and perhaps someone Rohit Sharma can look up to if he needs help at any point of the match. India will need to bat well against a good looking bowling side of Pakistan. Indians love to chase but it is not always easy to chase against Pakistan's bowling line up that too when the team's best batsman is not in the squad. Like all the other matches between India and Pakistan, Cricket fans are waiting for the day when the two teams go head to head in Asia Cup. Virat Kohli will be missed by his fans all around the world as they would have wanted him to play in this big match of the year. Pakistan is may have a little upper hand in this game because of the absence of Virat Kohli, we can call it a psychological victory but we really can't say what is going to happen in this match. Image Source You can tell me about your opinions on the game in the comment section below. Do respond with your favorites of the tournament. Have a great day!

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