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ICC World Cup Fastest Century Record - 5 players
Cricket World can call Cricket…… Cricket... Cricket…… a Aquarius Every player has the dream of playing in this tournament. No matter how many record have been added to anyone's own career, but if he does not represent his team in the World Cup then he feels somewhat incomplete. In such a case, if someone's name is mentioned in the record book of this tournament, then how big would it be. At the same time, today you are going to tell about a record which is the top player in the world of cricket, who is an unknown player in the world; there is another similar player in the top-5. That is the fastest century in the World Cup. Let's know about the record of the five players who scored the fastest century.1.John Davison -(2003 World Cup) He is the Canadian batsman John Davison. During the 2003 World Cup, he scored a century on 67 balls against the West Indies. At that time it was the fastest century of the World Cup. Image Source After that all the names that came up in this list are connected. In this innings, Davison scored 111 runs in 76 balls with 8 fours and 6 sixes. 2. Matthew Hayden - (2007 World Cup) Australia’s fourth fastest century in the World Cup is the fourth name of Australia's legendary opener Matthew Hayden. Image Source Hayden scored a century in just 66 balls against South Africa in the 2007 World Cup. He made 14 fours and four sixes during his 101-run knock. 3. Kevin O'Brien - 2011 world cup The record for the fastest century in the Ireland World Cup 2011, is surprisingly the name of Ireland batsman Kevin O'Brien. On March 2, he was on 6th place to bat, when his team's 5 wickets against England had fallen to 150 runs. Image Source After that he landed on the field and he completed his century in just 50 balls and took the record of the fastest century in the World Cup, which has remained so far. During this innings, he had 13 fours and 6 sixes. 4. AB De Villiers -(2015 World Cup ) South Africa player AB De Villiers will know about everyone. He has retired from international cricket, but the league is constantly running in cricket. His name is the fastest half-century, fastest century and fastest 150 runs in ODIs, and the third in the list of the fastest century in the World Cup. Image Source During the 2015 World Cup, he also missed the record very close to the record. Playing against the West Indies, De Villiers scored 100 runs in 52 balls. In this match, he scored 162 runs from 66 balls. During this innings he scored 17 fours and 8 sixes. 5. Glenn Maxwell - (2015 world Cup) Australia, reached Australia's explosive all-rounder Glenn Maxwell to break the record of Kevin O'Brien in the next World Cup played in 2015. The month was once again of March. Image Source On the 8th of this month, Maxwell scored a century in 51 balls against Sri Lanka, making the World Cup's second fastest century. He missed the match with just one ball. In this innings, he scored 102 runs in 53 balls. In this innings he used ten fours and four sixes.Thank you for Reading this article.Thank you!!