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This is the last series of Mashrafe in the field?
Source:prothomalo If you mark the career pitch of the World Cup 2019, starting from tomorrow, the one-day series against the West Indies will be called the forthcoming series in the country. What does Mashrafe say? Let the press conference be 'free from politics! Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has said beforehand on politics-related issues. That day said, 'There should be no question about this before the game, I have done it for now.' Mashrafe is not just a cricketer, politicians too. You can not separate sports and politics. Yet the media has fulfilled his request. They did not have any political questions in the pre-series news conference. But today the Bangladesh ODI captain's conference started with a 'cruel' question. On December 4th, on the day of the press conference, Mashrafe said, 'I have a thinking of playing till the World Cup. Then there is a chance to see if I am not in that situation, then I have to leave the game. ' If you put a series of tactics through the 2019 World Cup, starting from tomorrow, the one-day series against the West Indies is his last series in the country, what is wrong with that? Talk about the future of the ICC (FTP). After the West Indies series, Bangladesh will move to New Zealand next February. There's a break from the day. Then the World Cup campaign will start Before playing the World Cup, Ireland will play a tri-series in May. FTP and Mashrafe 2019 World Cup, is to think of the game, this is the last series of Mortaza. Therefore, in answer to the question of the last series, it turns out, in the end, there is no way to say, hard to say, you can not really talk about the future. " So he is moving forward? The answer to this question did not say anything specific, 'I have no idea at all. I do not think anything. Let's see what happens next. ' No one can say anything from what will happen in front of it. Can only guess. But it can be said that Mashrafe is going to touch tomorrow a new milestone. As a Bangladeshi cricketer, he will make his 200th ODI appearance for the first time. The double-century thriller of the match, however, is not touching him, 'I said earlier, it does not touch me. This is not so important to me. It's important to win tomorrow match. It is a great pleasure from the fact that at least one hundred and a half matches are being played in Bangladesh. It will surely take a while. When people say, you played 200 matches against Bangladesh. Of course there is an achievement. Of course from that place, it will be nice. But tomorrow's match can not be more important than the match. There is no chance of playing it. Tomorrow match is important, in which we have to win. " Mashrafe wants to keep the 200th match memorable.