Cricket / fixing

Need of only few steps more for Virat Kohli and Indians are bookies in most cases by ICC.
Virat Kohli is always in news for making records. Again he is very near to achieve an elite record. Till today only four Indian batsmen have achieved this record. By the way, for Virat Kohli making records, it seems like a cakewalk nowadays. We often heard about him that he made a new record. Source This time he is very close to achieving 10000 runs milestone in ODI cricket. Before, these records have been achieved by Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, and Dhoni. We can expect, in this coming series Virat will able to achieve this target. Currently, he has made 9779 runs in 221 ODI matches. Now he has need of 221 runs. Coming match is against WI so we can expect some good innings from Virat Kohli. In this list top place hold by Indian batsman Sachin. Who have scored 18426 runs in ODI? It seems quite impossible for any batsman to break this record. ICC said that most of the corrupt practices in International cricket like fixing has mostly done by Indian bookies. Indian bookies names are coming in most of the cases of match-fixing. Source I think it is true because India is a country where largest cricket fans reside. In India, a lot of money invested in cricket by the businessman. So that, here more craze of cricket in people. Obviously, bettors and bookies are looking cricket as the best game for betting point of view. Fixing occurs When some big powerful and rich people enter who have good connections with cricketers.