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Russell Power- Finally the show ends in KKR VS PUNJAB
Source Hello my Dear Friends, I have just come through watching the match between KKR and Punjab. Here is the show ends and now I feel how great is to see the batting of Russell. Andre Russell his name suggest now the power of man. All over the twitter reactions are on the Russell power and the way his performance in the match was great. Hope you guys too enjoyed the moment and liked the match. Andre Russell is one of the great IPL t20 players and he knows how to play in the match in any situations and he proved that in today's match. The extraordinary performance from the side of Andre Russell has shown in the ground today. I think he should show some type of this performance in every match as he will get more fan following and his team might get the confidence to play. Everyone says that the team is Kolkata but I say the team is of Russell if he goes on than the winning for the match is sure. Source Here I heard about his speech after the completion of the match and at the time he told that he needs to open a garage for keeping this many trophy and payments cards. As this became a regular one for him to get the trophy. He is also a good man and shows smile towards each and everyone on the field as some players coming to collect the trophy does not even look at the sponsors. But he is with a great heart and this thing gives him blessings from many fans to play more dangerously in IPL season. The thing I am thinking about him and all the players in the West Indies came together and hit the massive scores on the board in World cup than what will be the situation of the match and other players playing in the opponent team. They will just think that our match should not be against the West Indies. Ohh, God, this was just for the joke but interesting and he scored a total of 48 runs in his second match with the 17 balls played and in his last match he scored 49 runs with 19 balls played. So he lacked behind with hitting a half-century in both the matches with hardly 1 or 2 runs. So this might be a stroke of bad luck for him. But today his luck was brilliant as when he got out on his 5th or 6th ball it was a no-ball due to the fielding mistake the third person was not in the proper fielding a this was the mistake by captain and bowler of Punjab.

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