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Cricket: Amazing Facts And Happenings..
The beauty of this weekly contests by Liuke96player is that it enables one gain requisite knowledge about a particular sport. We have rolled out soccer, volleyball, basketball and some others sports and sport related activities. This week we are shooting darts at Cricket and one fact about majority of these aforementioned sports bar soccer and including baseball, is that they all started in England. Indulging in this contest, you will get rare rewards, recognition and above all, knowledge. Check the link below for more details. Back to the reason I started this piece, Cricket is a sport that originated from England, and just like other sports, it continued its evolvement with changes to its rules and today, we know it to be a game played with a bat and ball by two teams consisting of 11 players. With very little or no knowledge about the sport, I did my research and came out with interesting findings about the sport ever since its inception as an official sport. CRICKET'S INFLUENCE IN OUR WORLD TODAY One of the Major influences of the sport is the Australian Melbourne Football Club that was founded in 1859. The previous year has seen famous Australian Cricketer, Tom Wills called for the creation of a "foot-ball" game meant to keep Cricketers fresh during the off-season. English club Derby County was created as a branch of the Derbyshire County Cricket Club in 1884, Astonvilla and Everton were created by members of Church cricket teams. In early 1880's, Bramall Land Ground became a home of football for Sheffield United and an old home of Sheffield Cricket club. FIRST CRICKET WORLD CUP The sport's first ever World cup was held in 1975 and it was won by West Indies against Australia. Next Australia had their revenge against England in the first ever Test Championship. ICC WORLD T20 TOURNAMENT This event was created by the International Cricket Council(ICC) and ever since its creation and first edition in 2007, no team has won the tournament consecutive times. Until West Indies last win, no team has won it more than once. Even the giants of the game, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and England have all won once. The West Indies hold 2 Championships and are the most successful team in the competition. AUSTRALIAN TEAM Joint oldest Cricketing Test team, they have won the World cup the most number of times and are the current World Champions. INDIA.. After winning the 60, 50 and 20-over world cups in 1983, 2007 and 2011 respectively, India is the only country to have won these tournaments. AUSTRALIA WINS ENGLAND IN FIRST EVER TEST MATCH. In 1877, Australia beat England in the first ever Test match. 100 years later, the opposition was the same, the venue was the same and the outcome was the same. Coincidence, isn't? Hang on, the next one is more perplexing and coincidental. THE ELEVEN-ELEVEN When you hear of the Eleven-Eleven, Cricket should be one of the things that comes to mind. The morning of 11/11/11 saw South Africa needing 111 runs to win at exactly 11:11am. India Vs Pakistan Matches between this two is considered to be the greatest rivalry of the game, not only because they are on of the best in the business but also because their rivarly exceeds Cricketing. After independence, both countries has seen wars fought between them. After these findings and judging by my understanding, although I stand to be corrected. Cricket is best loved at India and best played by the Australians today. THANKS FOE READING Note: All images are Google sourced.