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Can West Indies win 2019 Cricket World Cup?
Image Source hello to all, all cricket playing nation will announce their Squad soon for Cricket World Cup 2019 where most interesting thing to see is that which players will play World Cup because they have capabilities to win it but many players who not part of team because of money problems so let discuss about West Indies team selection and past journey of West Indies in World Cup. as we all know that when World Cup started, West Indian was king of cricket as they have that kind of players that they not beatable, they won first 2 World Cup but then as time pass they start to lose players but not because of money issue but due to age. since 1999 World Cup they have good teams but then they start to lose players one by one and now they are the weakest team even they have lots of good players who if they play than they have good chance to win it. Image Source In 1975 and 1975 they have such talented players who were unstoppable and thus they helped the team to won first 2 world cup. Clive Loyed, Vivian Richards, Malcolm Marshall and many more players who played a lead role to won world cup for West Indies in past time. In current time, West Indies has many good players but they not playing for their country because they not getting money for playing for a nation so they just not playing for their country but playing for county cricket all over the world. Image Source Kirean Pollard, Andre Rusell, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine and some other players who are not playing for their country. Dwayne recently took retirement from International cricket who is also a crucial player and if they play for their country than they have also chance for a win it but they were not playing from long time so fewer chances that any of them will play so in this condition we need to see that whom they will select. Evin Lewis who is also one of a good player but also not playing for the team in the last series so it also needs to see that will he ready for play world cup or not. West Indies has still many talented players who still can play good cricket and we have seen too but they always do hurry and lose concentration. West Indian batsmen like to play aggressive cricket and thus they are more successful in T20. West Indies need some calm and mature batsman like Shai Hope who play according to Situation otherwise they have a good batsman like Hetmyer, Pooran, Lewis who can play aggressively. it will be great if Pollard, Narine, Rusell who can play a big role so it will be interesting because they have the potential to play good cricket. Image Source In past, they have Brian Lara, Hooper, Chanderpaul, Ambrose, Walsh who was extraordinary good players but now their team is lack of experience and personal issues with their board so let hope they will solve it and we can see all good players back in West Indian team who can lift World Cup for their country again. West Indian has already won 2 T20 World Cup before with those good players. West Indies has also won one Champions Trophy in England too. still, West Indies has good batsmen and bowler so if they execute well and if that all match winning player back in the team than yes they will also a strong contender to win World Cup 2019.