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Will India play with Pakistan in ODI matches after this Terror attack ?
SALUTE TO INDIAN HERO'S AND RIP Source Pakistan has done a huge mistake says Prime Minister of India on attacking Indian soldiers in Pulwama. Now this is big issue created in India and there is a huge tension we can see on the face of Pakistan regarding the match held on 16th of June between INDIA VS PAKISTAN. However, i feel there will be no match between this two nations as the whole country India will stand together if the match is being played and there are chances of a small war in India and Pakistan.According to BCCI sources, the situation will be clear in a few days. If the government thinks that India should not play with Pakistan, then it is clear that India's team in the World Cup will not be with Pakistan. So lets see what happens as soon the decision will be taken by the Government of India. source A small political to a big political mind says there should be total ban of anything not only the cricket but also the things which are connected to Pakistan. So i think there will be no match between this to nation .In the semi-finals the points table will be held in the first place with the team of fourth, while the second and third teams will be in the second semifinal. In this case, India can be first and Pakistan fourth, or Pakistan first and India fourth place if they can clash in the semifinals. But this is a league match. So there are chances if both the nation comes into semi-final then there will be a mini war type situation among this two countries. source The biggest Cricketer of the world Virat Kohli had given his statement on yesterday not to play against Pakistan and his team any kind of matches. Whether it is Test series or ODI or any linkage should not be there with Pakistan. But there is a problem if India will avoid this match then following problem India has to face on this match. There is a match between India and Pakistan at Old Trafford, Manchester on June 16. If India avoids playing in this match, then according to the ICC rules, Pakistan will get match points. In that case, India can get its contenders in the semi-finals, if India wins the remaining 8 matches. THANKS FOR READING MY BLOGPLEASE SUPPORT ME AND KEEP MOTIVATED BY YOUR VOTE