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India Vs Australia- Dhoni Is injured before ODI match
Source Here is the new blog and a new topic and this is a very sad news for Indian team and their players. As Dhoni had injured during the net Practice. There is a match between Australia Vs India going to play in Hyderabad. Here is the sad news about the former captain who will miss the upcoming matches in these matches. When he was doing some exercise for his body to be fit than on the right shoulder he got injured and next match probably he is now going to be a part of the ODI as per my prediction. Because according to the rule of BCCI any player who is injured will not be able to play the matches. Source Mahendra Singh Dhoni is been injured during the practice session before the five-match series against Australia. The team's associate, Raghavendra, was caught by Dhoni's left wrist and elbows on the left side. Due to Raghavendra bowl, Dhoni's shoulder started paining. It's normal in the season but this injury will somehow affect the next matches which is going to be played on the 2nd march. A long time India team continued with the practice and after the practise time, they were still going with the extra time. At that time Dhoni got injured. Source Here if the Former Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni will not play the match then there is a lucky chance for Rishabh pant for the wicketkeeper. But India will somehow lose the confidence for not being Dhoni in the team. If this situation occurs than Rishabh should come over and take the place of Dhoni and give team India the best. Team management can also choose another option. In that case, both KL Rahul and Ambati Rayudu will be in the last eleven players, Rahul can stand behind the wicket.Thank you for reading my blog and for taking part in my blog. I will really love to see your comment if Dhoni will come back or not?@jaineel