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Indian team needs to make some tough decisions to perform well in the overseas conditions.
Everybody's expectation was very high from this Indian team,because after a long time this Indian team had a bunch of fast bowlers,who could scare the batsman and take wickets.But lack of consistency has hurt this Indian team and i think they took this England team very lightly and were not completely prepared for this test series. They need to make some tough decision's for the upcoming tests or else its going to be the same as it happened in South Africa and now here in England.Here are a few things which i didn't like about the current Indian test team. There is huge difference between Indian lower order and England's lower order.England's lower order has batted with more responsibility and made every ball count on the other hand the Indian lower order was terrible,they were just irresponsible about their game,not at all aware of the situation they are in. The main thing i didn't like about the Indian team was the inclusion of Hardik Pandya in the eleven.Virat Kohli always says that there is no reservation in the team,you have to earn your place,but what about KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan,they haven't performed but still are the part of the squad,but look at Murali Vijay he just had 2 bad test matches and he was out of the squad.I really don't understand what is going on with the team selection. Hardik Pandya Another man is Hardik Pandya. Everytime i feel that the playing eleven is made around Hardik Pandya,just because he completely takes away the balance of the side. Yes many of you might say that he gives the balance to the side and has scored a half century and also taken 5 wickets.But I think if he is in the side the balance of the side is not good,because apart from those 5 wickets tell me a match in which he looked brilliant with the ball.I agree that he bowled well,got the ball to swing,but in my opinion those 5 wickets which he got was the result of the pressure created by Ishant and Bumrah,and i completely agree with Micheal Holding,whatever he said was absolutely correct he is still not a complete all-rounder in test cricket.He is a good player in ODI and T20s no doubt in that,but the skills which are required to play test cricket are not with him yet.In my opinion Virat is backing Pandya too much,they need to think about it seriously,for instance look at previous test match now totally he bowled 17 overs in the match and gave away 85 runs and got only 1 wicket.The problem is not giving away runs,but at what situation he gave runs.He gave runs when England was under pressure and i don't completely blame Hardik for it because even Kohli is responsible for this as the bowling changes were not appropriate. No i am not against Hardik Pandya,he is a quality player,but just think about this if Kohli had played a proper batsman because all the 3 fast bowlers were capable of picking wickets and going with an extra batting option knowing that batting has been a problem for them in this series could have been a good option. Ravichandran Ashwin I think he was the main culprit who made a mess of this match. The pitch was not that seam bowlers will get wickets like it happened in previous test matches,it was helpful for spinners and it was turning and bouncing. Ashwin is a quality spinner but he never looked like getting wickets in this test match.I felt that he wasn't 100% fit,but still they pushed him to play,why?,there is Jadeja sitting out there even he is a quality spinner and does some batting is well and even adds one left handed option which India doesn't have in the middle order.I personally think that Ashwin should have been rested and Jadeja should have been played because,the it was the spinner who was going to make this game and Shane Warne who has played a lot of cricket on this ground had already said that India should go in with 2 spinners. Virat Kohli's captaincy. I really don't consider India as no.1 test team.You are said to be no.1 when you go and perform well in South Africa,England and Australia.I really don't think Virat is a great caption,no doubt that he is one of the greatest batsmen's and has been outstanding in this series so far,but i really don't consider him as a good caption.He has got MS Dhoni in ODI's and T20's to assist him so he has some support there but he gets alone in the test matches and struggles a bit. I personally think that Virat hasn't been fair enough with every player.He is not looking at the balance of the side but just looking at the names of the player,before selecting them. KL Rahul has been getting too many opportunities,Hardik is getting too many opportunities and Shikhar Dhawan,but the players like Pujara had to sit out for the 1st test and Vijay had been dropped from the squad.I think this should stop Ravi Shastri needs to be strong enough to tell Virat where he is going wrong,not only Ravi but also the chairman of selection committee must look into it and pick the team based on the performance and not on Virat's choice.But i don't think the selection committee is strong enough to do that and Ravi Shastri might be thinking about what happened to Anil Kumble, so its good to give the players the freedom,but this freedom is costing too much and the series which actually India should have won because this England team is not as good as they were in 2014 and 2011. Well If India want's to perform well in the overseas conditions then they need to make some tough calls on some players.