Cricket / ipl season

IPL Is the game of 45000 Crore. How team earn from it ?
In the season of IPL 12 there were 60 players who are being sell for 106 crore rupees in the auction. Indian Premier league is player by Indian as well as International cricketer and gives full 2 month entertainment to their fans. In this 12 years the price for IPL has been increased from 0 to thousands of crores. The craze for cricket is uncountable in India and their cricket fans. Image Source Last year the estimated value for all the team brand was 34000 Crore and in IPL 2019 their will be an increment of 10000 Crore and it will be a total of 44000 Crore for their brand. The most well- known Personality for bringing the cricket into a game of league goes to Shri. Lalit. Modi. He has given India a platform from the starting of the stage and now it is being well-know all over the world. The whole earning made by the teams are from Media rights about 60-70 percent of the total earnings by the IPL team. This is a revenue distribution model in the IPL. In which a heavy amount is charged from BCCI Broadcaster and online streamer. In which all the IPL teams are also given a part. The revenues are part of the team's ranking. The team's rank is as much as it is in the media revenues. So without the media IPL team's cannot earn as much as money as they invested in this tournament. Other earning are from the tickets of IPL which are bought by the audience and they earn a revenue of 10% of the total earning from the stadium tickets and snacks. Also they earn from the sponsorship from different company on their t-shirt and kit with the logo of different brands. They get a total of 20-30% commission on this sponsorship. This are all the ways through which IPL team's earn money and without we people they are nothing so keep supporting them and our favorite players. Hope you like the blog and enjoyed it. Thank you for your support.THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG... COMMENT AND SHARE