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It is being said that cricket is the game of uncertainties, you never know what is going to happen next in the match, predictions regarding the game always happen to be futile and senseless. During this summer I witnessed the same situation in a cricket match which we played at a stadium covered by lush Green trees and a river flowing in front of the ground, the cool breeze emerging because of the presence of river providing a sigh of relief from the scorching heat of sun. The match started late in the evening and it was a game of only eight overs, we won the toss and decided to bat first. We managed to score 47 runs in 8 overs. If we take a look on the score it looks an easy task to win the game. But the score looked too much for the opponents and we restricted them to 32 runs in first six overs, now they needed 16 runs from the last two overs with three wickets in hand, they scored 9 runs in the penultimate over and lost one wicket. Now the team required 7 runs from the last six balls, the team scored 6 runs in first 5 balls loosing one more wicket and the last batsman was bowled out on the last ball of the match resulting in a tie. Now the umpires decided to go for a super over where both the teams where alloted six balls each and the result was to be decided in six balls. The opponents batted first and scored seven runs in their six alloted balls, now we needed 8 runs in one over and what happened we also scored seven runs in one over resulting in another tie. At last it was decided that both the teams will be given four balls to aim at the wickets and the team who hits sums maximum times will be declared as winner. Finally we did the job and won the match 2 nill....... The joy we got after wining the game can't be expressed in words and the energy in our bodies was enormous and every players were pumped up and those moments are just unforgettable.....

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