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MS Dhoni first Indian to play 300 T-20 matches
Source Hello dear friends, I am going to tell you about another new record for MS Dhoni as he had played more than 300 matches in T-20. There are lot's of record broken by our Indian Batsman and I have made a blog on each so you can refer my old blogs to read much other news related to them in my profile section. Today I will be going in detail about the matches played by Dhoni in T-20 format and how much he had played. Source It is obvious from the title that he had played more than 300 matches. I think it's near about 302 Matches after the match played against Australia. Before it was 300 and now it became 302 matches. He is the first Batsman to play this much matches in Indian History. As we can imagine about the confidence and the strategy of Dhoni. Everyone knows about his records and gameplay as it been clear at the ground. Now you will be having a question in mind about the runs or the total runs he scored in T-20 matches after he played lots of the match. Let me clear about it as he had scored 6136 runs in T-20 Format as this data is before the match of Australia. Source The above data includes 24 half-centuries and with an average score of 38.55 runs per match has been done by our former captain of Indian Team. Indian will never get a batsman like Mahendra Singh Dhoni in future as the mindset and there were many tough situations were Dhoni stands in the ground and the way he came through the situation is the best thing in himself I had never seen in any other player. Source There might be a question that what is the rank of Dhoni in international format? It is 12th rank or the 12th batsman to complete 302 matches overall in the international Cricket. Rohit Sharma is the second batsman for team Indian whos just behind Dhoni at the matches of 300 completed and after the retirement of Dhoni, I am pretty sure Rohit will break the record and make the new record in playing the most games in T-20 format. With amazing 446 matches played by the first batsman of the world who had played more than 400 matches is Kieron Pollard is the top on the list. Then comes the name of Suresh Rains at 296 matches played and securing a 3rd position at the T-20 Format. Thank you for reading my blog and taking part in it. I will really love to see your comment in the comment box and tell what you feel about Dhoni's new record. Do you think there might be any new record by him before his retirement? @jaineel