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Bangladeshi players survived in a New Zealand mosque attack
The Bangladeshi cricketer was selected for a few years. Maybe a lot of Bangladeshi players could not have opted for a few minutes before reaching the mosque. jumma prayers today was attacked in a New Zealand mosque. There, a friend of a friend killed many people. How do I play the game? For more than 5/7 minutes, you will be honored at the Human Rights Council for 49 days. May be more funded maybe. The players of Bangladesh are going to the mosque of this attack. The attack took place just 5/7 minutes before that. May be more funded maybe. Because many people have been shot. The most strange and uncomfortable happened that there was no such incident in the attack. This incident is just one of the events of this incident for the rescuers. It's just a bad mindset about humanity. I would like to say goodbye to the cheers of Bangladesh. He has survived for a long time. And there was a reason for this delay. He was a little late in the journalists' gathering. The answer to the questions of the journalists was delayed a while. And it is too late for Jumma prayers to be delayed. Apart from eating two sugars, everyone else went to pray. It was just 50/100 meters away from the mosque. Players were seen in the car and there were some moments in the car. Then they ran away from the car and ran away. Then there is a hotel in the hotel. Although 3 Test matches are scheduled to start tomorrow, the players will have to cancel tomorrow's play for the event and the whole players are going to play in the country. But such a thing is not expected by anyone. We will make the mistake as if there is no incident in the mind.