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The 12th Man's World Cup Debate - Where your opinions are rewarded
I'm not ashamed to say that this is a complete rip-off of a concept that @broncofan99 had last week except that I will be using cricket as my topic of choice. It's pretty simple, you answer one or more the questions below, state your opinions and I'll give you a juicy upvote. The 12th Man reference in the title is the name of a telegram group I created last month that aims to bring Scorum's cricket fans together to chat about the sport we love, share ideas for posts and help off-platform promotion. Anyone who shares those values is more than welcome to join. If this idea goes well and we get some decent interaction in the comments, I might well look to see if other members of the cricket community want to host these debates on their blog so as to share around the rewards and draw in more followers for them too.I've been thinking about a way to try and get some good community interaction going while the Cricket World Cup is being played. Big Match Live got a lot of interest while it was running but the idea of doing a live blog for a cricket match that could last 7hours+ didn't really appeal to me and I doubt it would appeal to too many others either! This kind of blog seems like a nice way for the cricket community to come together and debate the big talking points of the sport's showpiece event.Just to put into perspective how big a sporting contest the Cricket World Cup is, 4 years ago it attracted a total TV audience of 2.2 billion with the India v Pakistan group match alone said to have been viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide. Only major football (soccer) tournaments and the summer Olympics have seen higher figures than that in the history of television. It's a real shame that Scorum haven't acted quickly to fill the void left by the close of the European football season by adding cricket to the betting platform. Personally, I would have been looking to make a further investment in SCR in order to fund offers and liquidity if they had ..........Let's start things off nice and simple Question 1 - Who's going to win the World Cup?a.) Englandb.) Indiac.) Australiad.) Pakistane.) Any other team. Question 2 - Who's going to be the top-scoring batsmen of the Tournament?a.) Virat Kohlib.) Joe Rootc.) Steve Smithd.) Kane Williamsone.) Any other player. Question 3 - Who's going to be the leading wicket-taker?a.) Mitchell Starcb.) Jasprit Bumrahc.) Kagiso Rabadad.) Rashid Khane.) Any other player.Leave your views and opinions below. Respond to other people's comments and you will be upvoted by me.