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71% Chances to Win the Cup For team India
source Hello, My dear Friends, I hope you guys are doing well with your scorum blogs and earning. Looking forward with today's blog I am going to discuss the percentage for the win for team India. Looking at the current scenario there is about 71% of people who thins that India should probably win this world cup 2019 and there is a total of 28% people who think they might lose in the finals. So according to survey people thinks India will be a qualifier and try to win the cup and if losses they might give up in the Finals. source In India, 88% of people told that if India will lose the cup at the beginning of the tournament than also they will watch the cup and try to support their other favourite team. I think this is because of the Dream 11 that is legally played in India. This is the biggest reason why the attraction towards any sports in India is increasing in an uptrend and making more interesting. 71% of Indians hope that India will be the champions in the World Cup starting from May 30 in England. source While 28% of Indians are afraid that Team India may lose in the final. This is the result of the survey conducted by Cricinfo. After India, England and Australia are considered to be title contenders. It has been found in the survey that the popularity of allrounder Hardik Pandya has increased rapidly, people feel that this time it can prove trump card in India. People were asked to be happy about their World Cup and the cause of depression. In which 64% expressed regret about not playing De Villiers.